LuD's AoI

This clan separates itself into major categories based that sometimes overlap. Called Areas of Influence, or AoI, these categories represent what our clan is about and what face it presents to the world. As a member of LuD, you have the option to join one or more of the AoI within LuD. Participation nets you tropies, ranks, medals, even tickets, cards, and other tangible items. It's all meant to be fun!

LuD's Current AoI

There are two different kinds of AoI within LuD. Administrative and Champion based AoI. The main difference between these two AoI is that Administrative AoI do not have ranks and are more about keeping the clan running at peak performance.

Administrative Based AoI (AdM)

Administrative Staff (AdM)

LuD's administrative staff currently consists of one or more administrative people per Area of Influence. Administration starts at the top with administrators, and moderators are right below them in rank. As AoI's get bigger, more staff positions will become available. Please go to our administration page for more information on current positions and future positions that may open up soon.

Ranks (RnK)

Ranks are based on various experience and accomplishments within LuD. The four ranks: Apprentice, Veteran, Master, and Champion are separate between AoI's. So while you may be a Master or Champion in one area within LuD, you may be an Apprentice in other areas. When you join an AoI, expect Apprentice rank to be awarded to you. Generally you have to complete a simple task to get Veteran, and a complex task to get Master. To get Champion.. well there's only one per Champion AoI, so you do the math on how hard it is to get the Champion rank!

The Bot (BoT)

When the bot's up and running, it will be central to a lot of things within LuD. It will hand out tickets based on your trophies, medals, and give our clan members discounts based on their ranks within the clan. How's THAT for service with a robotic smile?

The (WbS)

Our connected websites between and This AoI covers multiple smaller Champion AoI's and features multiple Mods and Admins throughout different areas.

Rules and Regulations (R/R)

Not everyone's favorite area to cover, but good general order must be kept throughout LuD for this to work. Tickets worth real money are at stake, as is the future image of our clan. We cannot keep members who cheat, steal, lie, and generally give us a bad image. One bad apple is too much for LuD to stomach. Visit our Rules and Regulations page for more information.

Think Tanks (TnT) - Coming Soon

This will be an administrative section that will take ideas, flesh them out, and implement them into LuD. They're what's in-between a member submitting an idea and the polished end of the idea. Most of the time, they will post a quick message on the Shout section about what they're working on and how close it is to being completed. Just remember that the more questions you ask them, the more time it takes away from the TnT's completing their tasks!

Champion Based AoI (ChN)

LuD Season Play (SeN)

Instead of tournaments, we have a season set up a bit like high school football seasons play. Winner takes the Champion Rank, trophy, and lots of tickets! Visit our Seasons page for more information.

News and Articles (NaA)

Not much of an artist or a high intensity player? Like discussing Magic Theory more than playing Magic? LuD prides itself on being THE source for information on Magic: the Gathering, whether online or offline. Each month there's a trophy given out to the best article or bit of news found. Go to our News section within our website to submit or read up on the articles.

Artists Network (ArT) - coming soon

Here's where you can shine with your graphic images. Our websites constantly need more artwork and if your art makes it onto the website, your rank increases. At the end of each month there's a trophy given out to the best artwork.

Deck Builder's Guild (DBG) - coming soon

This will soon be a dedicated forum, article, and art section all rolled into one. It will be a place to submit, discuss, and build decks for our members.

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