The Administration AoI

This is not really a typical AoI, as it encompasses EVERY other AoI in LuD. We in the administration pride ourselves in teamwork, focus, and having the internal drive to make and create something bigger than ourselves. Something that lives and breathes. We are the makers of the Lunar Demons.

Make Up of the Admin

The Administration as it stands is made up of two ranks: Administrators, or AdM; and Moderators, MoD. Administators typically control an entire AoI, while Moderators either perform specific functions within or assist the Admin directly. AoI's are given levels based on how big and important they are, and this typically is used to describe how many admin/mods are needed to operate the AoI effectively.

Available positions within the Administration:

This list is by no means complete or updated. Please remember to check the time stamp on this list, as the admin may not have updated this list since the last hiring spree. Typically the list is updated once a week.

Administrator Positions:

  • Rules and Regulations Violations AdM
  • Awards and Promotions AdM
  • Season AdM

Moderator Positions:

  • Forums MoD - Potential for AdM
  • News MoD - Potential for AdM
  • New Members MoD
  • Think Tank MoD - Potential for AdM
  • Lead Art MoD - Potential for AdM

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